Chacha20 DRNG

The ChaCha20 DRNG is a complete standalone implementation of a deterministic random number generator. It does not need any external cryptographic support.

It is implemented using ideas specified in SP800-90A, AIS 20/31 as well as specified by Peter Gutmann’s 1998 Usenix Security Symposium paper: “Software Generation of Practically Strong Random Numbers”. The following list enumerates the different properties offered with the ChaCha20 DRNG.

Different seed sources are implemented which are activated during compile time. This includes the support for the CPU Jitter Random Number Generator which makes the ChaCha20 DRNG fully standalone without the need of support from other cryptographic implementations. See the seed source documentation for details.

The ChaCha20 DRNG is derived from the “standalone” DRNG support implemented as part of the Linux Random Number Generator – a new approach to the Linux /dev/random.

A public git repository is provided at Github.

API Documentation

A full documentation is derived from the source code comments in chacha20_drng.h.

See the README file enclosed in the source code for details on how to use the code.

Historic Releases

For older releases, see the ChaCha20 DRNG historic page.

Subsections of Chacha20 DRNG