ESDM 0.6.0

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  • Move ESDM apps into separate namespaces to limit their privilege even further (e.g. no possibility to create network connections)

  • Add German AIS 20/31 (draft 2022) NTG.1 compliance support

  • the blocking property of an interface is implemented in the client - the server reports -EAGAIN for a blocking behavior

  • add “emergency seeding” when entropy sources cannot collectively deliver 256 bits of entropy, pull data repeatedly until 256 bits are received

  • export esdm_rpc_client.h with all depending header files to allow external clients to be developed

  • update IRQ/Scheduler ES health test to match LRNG

  • bug fix: correctly calculate memory offsets

  • enhancement: Sched/IRQ ES code in ESDM can handle if kernel-parts have different data structure size for sending entropy to user space

  • IRQ/Sched ES: Switch to /dev/esdm_es character devices a user space interfaces

  • fix of deadlocks during shutdown

Standards Compliance

  • SP800-90A/B/C compliant

  • AIS20/31 2011 compliant

  • AIS20/31 draft 2022 compliant

  • FIPS IG 7.19 / D.K compliant - use of DRBG as conditioning component for chaining DRBGs