Jitter RNG 3.4.1

SP800-90B, SP800-90C compliance

Jitter RNG Library 3.4.1 Source Code

Jitter RNG Library 3.4.1 Signature

Jitter RNG Linux Daemon 1.2.8 Source Code

Jitter RNG Linux Daemon 1.2.8 Signature


The PDF documentation covers all aspects of the design and testing of the Jitter RNG.


  • library: add FIPS 140 hints to man page

  • library: simplify the test tool to search for optimal configurations

  • library: fix: jent_loop_shuffle: re-add setting the time that was lost with 3.4.0

  • library: enhancement: add ARM64 assembler code to read high-res timer

  • RNGD: enhancement: use Jitter RNG library 3.4.1