LRNG v53

Covered kernel version: 6.7

LRNG Source Code

LRNG Source Code_Signature

LRNG Test Code including SP800-90B Tests

LRNG Test Code Signature

Patches to backport to older kernels

Individual Patches


The PDF documentation covers all aspects of the design and testing of the LRNG.

In addition, the presentation about the LRNG provides an overview.


  • Consider upstream patch ed1aa959b50854bddd7252d404aa6fdbcfa60b99

Standards Compliance

  • SP800-90A/B/C compliant

  • AIS20/31 2011 compliant

  • AIS20/31 draft 2022 compliant

  • FIPS IG 7.19 / D.K compliant - use of DRBG as conditioning component for chaining DRBGs