AEAD Cipher API - Generic

kcapi_aead_init — initialization of cipher handle
kcapi_aead_destroy — close the AEAD handle and release resources
kcapi_aead_setkey — set the key for the AEAD handle
kcapi_aead_setassoclen — set authentication data size
kcapi_aead_settaglen — set authentication tag size
kcapi_aead_ivsize — return size of IV required for cipher
kcapi_aead_blocksize — return size of one block of the cipher
kcapi_aead_authsize — return the maximum size of the tag
kcapi_aead_inbuflen_enc — return minimum encryption input buffer length
kcapi_aead_inbuflen_dec — return minimum decryption input buffer length
kcapi_aead_outbuflen_enc — return minimum encryption output buffer length
kcapi_aead_outbuflen_dec — return minimum decryption output buffer length
kcapi_aead_ccm_nonce_to_iv — convert CCM nonce into IV
kcapi_aead_getdata_input — get the pointers into input buffer
kcapi_aead_getdata_output — get the pointers into output buffer

These generic API for symmetric ciphers calls are to be used for both, the one-shot and the stream encryption/decryption operations.

The following API calls allow using the Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data.