ESDM 0.4.0

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  • Start CUSE daemons independently from ESDM server

  • add support for invoking DRNG with prediction resistance when opening /dev/random with O_SYNC or using the esdm_get_random_bytes_pr API. This reestablishes the NTG.1 property as well as well as supports using the DRBG as a conditioning component pursuent to SP800-90C and FIPS 140 IG 7.19 / D.K.

  • initialize the DRNG immediately with 256 bits (disregarding 32/128 bits)

  • add interrupt entropy source

  • modify collection in scheduler ES: maintain a hash state per CPU as a per-CPU entropy pool

  • add proper interrupt/signal handling code to the ESDM RPC client library

  • privilege level change in CUSE is now limited to caller only

  • add support to allow to be used to refer to for a system-wide replacement of getrandom/getentropy system call.

Standards Compliance

  • SP800-90A/B/C compliant

  • AIS20/31 2011 compliant

  • FIPS IG 7.19 / D.K compliant - use of DRBG as conditioning component for chaining DRBGs